Integration With Alfred

Alfred is a great productivity app and BetterZip includes Alfred workflows for creating and extracting archives.

To add the BetterZip workflows to Alfred, choose BetterZip > Install Alfred Workflows from the menu. Alfred will display its Import Workflow sheet:

Click Import.

Alfred now has two new file actions Compress with BetterZip and Extract with BetterZip. The latter will only be shown for archives.

To compress a folder, invoke the Alfred file actions panel for the folder (I usually do this from Finder with my Alfred action hotkey ⌘ double tap) and choose the file action Compress with BetterZip:

You get a list of all your BetterZip save presets.

Choose a preset and Alfred will hand over control to BetterZip which now compresses the folder with all the preset’s settings. How cool is that!