Presets collect all settings that can be applied during archive creation or extraction.

You can configure presets in the preferences window on the Presets tab. The Presets tab has itself two tabs, one for each type: Extract and Save. Both share the same structure: On the left side they each have a list of all the presets of the selected kind. On the right side are the settings for the preset currently selected in the list.

  1. 1 The list of your presets.
  2. 2 Each preset has two radio buttons in the list. The one in the Q (for queue) column selects the default preset to be used when extracting/saving through the operations queue without explicitly specifying a preset. The T (for toolbar) column selects the preset to use when clicking the toolbar button.
  3. 3 Click the + button or press ⌘N to add a new preset. Click the — button or press ⌫ to remove the currently selected preset. The gear button has a menu with additional actions:
    • Duplicate Preset
    • Add Factory Presets: Re-adds all the factory presets, in case you deleted them.
    • Reset Service and Toolbar Presets: Clears the radio buttons in the list.
    • Add this Preset to the Services Menu
    • Reveal Services Folder in Finder: This lets you delete services you no longer need.
    • Add this Preset to Dropzone 3
    • Add this Preset to LaunchBar 6
  4. 4 On the right side of the list is an area with all the options you can set for the preset. Here are the ones both kinds of presets share: The preset’s name. This will be displayed in the menus, the BetterZip Finder button, the Automator actions, Apple Scripts, the Alfred workflows, etc.
  5. 5 Next to the name is a star that lets you toggle whether to show this preset on the Drop Bar. When you click the star to turn it on, a pop-up lets you specify a short name for the preset (because space on the Drop Bar is very limited) and a color to allow you to color code the preset buttons on the Drop Bar for easier recognition.Click the star again to toggle it off and no longer show the preset on the Drop Bar. To change the short name or color of a preset on the Drop Bar, right click the star to open the pop-up.

There are separate pages with detailed information on the specific extract preset options and save preset options.